Midway Weightloss

I spent a good 20 minutes trying to find a “before picture” to compare this picture to but I had none to choose from! Probably because one of my favorite colors I’ve grown… Continue reading

Cleaning Out My Closet

The best part of getting healthy and losing a bit of weight is realizing that my clothes don’t fit the same way. Yes it sucks for our favorite tees or the perfect pair… Continue reading

Neighborhood Stroll

Not much of a stroll, more of a jog/run. Distance 6.26. Average Pace 11:32. Calories Burned 1069. Time 1 hr 12 mins 15 secs. I do have a gym memeber at 24 Hour… Continue reading

Monday Runs

Monday’s can sometimes be the hardest workouts. Probably because it’s the beginning of the week and it’s hard enough to go to work/school on Mondays, let’s alone workout. If anything you just want… Continue reading

The Temptation

The temptation can sometimes get bad. And of course it’s never planned. It’s never when you had a great workout and you feel like you earned a reward or when you’re out with… Continue reading

Tracking My Progress

It’s been a month. More actually. I debated on whether to share more about what I’ve been doing, fitness wise, because it’s kinda taken over my life. But in the best way possible.… Continue reading

My Top 7 Workout Songs

1. 27 Hours – Banks This is usually one of the first songs I play when I start my runs because the bass builds and it gives me that much of a boost… Continue reading

Obsessing a Bit

So I’m not sure when this obsession started or will be ending but when I want to stay motivated to do anything in my life, I research the sh** out of it. Lately,… Continue reading

Orange Theory – Post Workout

To take my fitness lifestyle to a whole new level, I decided to try out Orange Theory! At the gym I’ve reached my goal of running 3 miles straight multiple times, so I… Continue reading

Interval Running + Post Workout Meal

Remember how I said I wanted to try interval running? Well did that and I’m kinda loving it. Normally I’m all about running your heart out and if you feel like you’re going… Continue reading