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French Tip Nails

I know this title is misleading. No, my nails are not the normal square, basic, white French tips. They have a bit of flare to them. Pointed. Touch of sparkle. Edge. Those are… Continue reading

Nudes & Gold

I’m slowly figuring out what nude colors work best for my skin tone. Because my skin has some reddish, pink undertones the nude polishes I can wear should be pink undertones rather than… Continue reading

Chrome Nails

I don’t think that I’ve been quite so happy to talk about my nails in a little while. I see so many cool, unique styles on Instagram and Tumblr that I feel like… Continue reading

Nail Trend Alert: Neutral Brown Nails

  Change of pace from the last time I got my nails done. If you saw my last post about my nails: Pastel Nails, they were a light lavender color which I loved,… Continue reading

Pastel Nails

It’s a little out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try out the pastel nail color trend. New Year, new nails right? I love pastel colors but I usually stick to… Continue reading

Nail Trend: White Color Nails

  Finally had the opportunity to try out the white nail trend. I’m not sure why I decided now was the time but I took the plunge and I did it! To someone… Continue reading