The Scale

I haven’t had the need or desire to weigh myself until recently. I broke up with the scale a few months back when I noticed quite a difference in my body, I was leaner and my arms were more toned, but the scale actually said I’d gained two or three pounds. That’s when I stopped because even though I knew my body looked different, that sense of pride was overshadowed by the number on the scale.

Just recently I started weighing myself again and even though the number still doesn’t reflect how I feel, I do like to check to see where I am BMI wise. For my height and age, I should be 150 pounds, which seems healthy to me. I’m currently 5 pounds away from that as of two weeks ago, so maybe I’m closer now. It’s gratifying because my original goal was to be a “normal weight” for my height and not be considered “overweight” from a BMI perspective and I’m almost there! Little did I know, working out and being healthy would become way more about how I feel rather than a number.

I now use the scale as a gauge to see where I am, but the focus is on how I feel and what I look like to myself.

I’m not currently doing anything relating to weight loss, I’m really just adding in things that make me feel good and cutting out what doesn’t. Adding in things like more fruits and veggies, and less of cookies and meats. Cookies I still eat every so often, but not in the same large quantity. And no by no means am I going vegan because I love burgers and wings…and did I mention wings? So no not giving up meats for that reason, but more so because I feel weighed down when I consume a lot of meat consistently over a few days. Even with organic, no preservatives, grass fed meats, I notice that I feel sluggish after I eat it. So I’m listening to my body and eating meat every few days instead of everyday. Popular belief is that you’re supposed to consume a lot of protein but that’s just not true. You don’t need very much of it, and meat isn’t the only source of protein out there. I’m also eliminating milk and eggs for the same reason. Once again, not going vegan (remember the wings), I just notice the same feeling of heaviness with eggs; and milk isn’t something humans should really be drinking anyway. I’m a huge milk lover though, particularly with cereal, which I also stopped eating, but after two weeks I craved it, so I found alternatives.

Organic Granola and unsweetened almond milk. Yum.

No sarcasm  intended, it’s really a great combination. As a strong milk lover, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to milk because almond milk way better, flavor and health wise. And I’m not a huge fan of almonds, which is why I never thought to try it, but it’s not the same at all. Just try it. Trust me.

I realized I just went on a tangent, but I’m just using examples of things that I cut out because I wanted to, not because I “have to”. My ultimate goal relating to food is to be able to say exactly what’s in it, where it’s from, and eat as much as I want of it. Even though these changes seem restrictive they’re very non-restrictive because I don’t need to worry about how much sugar or carbs are in the foods I’m eating because as long as its natural and nothing is being added to it, my body can digest it easier which is turn means my body is using it for fuel and energy and not storing it as fat. Thus losing weight anyway.

Marah Renee