Mid May Challenge – Update

 Two weeks ago I decided to give myself a challenge to do the following:

1. No more TV dinners

2. Drink more water in the morning

3. Start mediating once a day.

4. Eat at the dinner table.

5. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same times of day regardless of if you’re hungry or not.

I’ll give myself a B since I was only able to achieve 4/5 every single day.

1. No TV dinners? No problem. I actually enjoy going to the grocery store for food to cook every week. Saturdays are usually my treat to myself. I go to my 9:10am OrangeTheory class and then I walk across the street and go to Whole Foods. For the record, WF is expensive if you make it. I look at prices the entire time I shop, along with ingredients, whether it’s organic, etc. so I really only spend $40-60 a week depending on if I’m buying food for just myself or getting a few things for my family. I had already slowly realized how disgusting and unsatisfying TV dinners are, but since I gave myself this challenge two weeks ago, I’ve made two sets of meal preps and they taste so much better than TV dinners; by far. I’ve also lost 5 pounds since I’ve started this challenge so I’m thinking getting rid of sodium filled TV dinners helped!

2. Drinking more water is pretty simple, I already drink quite a bit. I did however start to fill up my glass at night, so in the morning, I can down as much of it as I can when I first wake up to jump start my metabolism and drink the rest as I get dressed.

3. Meditating was pretty easy to start up again and I realized I actually missed it! It’s nice to take a moment to reflect on the day and see how you can improve or remember just how productive you were.

4. Eating at the dinner table was a struggle. I maybe ate at the table maybe 4-5 times. It’s difficult because my schedule doesn’t really permit me to eat with my family so I end up eating by myself. It was a little too quiet and weird to sit downstairs, at the table, by myself, at 9pm or 10pm. It did make me realize that I eat way more than what I actually need. Now I am more aware of my portion sizes, even though I do it in front of the TV still.

5. Eating meals at normal times do help significantly! I notice that I can train harder and not leave the gym starving, which makes it easier to focus on my workout instead of rushing. I also have decreased my snacking to once a day (usually around our 2pm popcorn time), which I probably also don’t need, it’s more of a social gathering than actually need for popcorn.

Creating little challenges to reach your ultimate goals help make lifestyle changes much easier to do. I’m hoping to add drinking an all natural green juice every morning and trying a new workout class to my list for June!

Marah Renee