Running Along the Embarcadero

I was finally able to run along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and to say it was beautiful would probably be an understatement. The breeze, the warm air, and seeing tons of fellow runners made it that much easier to keep running. This was also my first time running with a friend, which was a bit nerve-racking because I’m not much of a talker when I workout and I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with my fellow runner friend. Sure she had to slow her speed down a bit so I could keep up, but I actually ran faster than what I thought I could. We ran just shy of 10 minutes per mile, when I normally run between 11-12 minutes per mile. Now that I’m running for distance and not speed, I think I’ve underestimated how far and fast I can go. But because of this experience I know I can focus on increasing my speed just a bit during my long runs alone.

Marah Renee