Cleaning Out My Closet

A while ago I decided to organize my closet into three sections. On the left side I have tees, tanks, and sweaters that I didn’t wear often. On the right, I had my less frequently worn jackets and my flannel collection (that I’m quite proud of but slowly trying to condense). Then, in the middle, I had my most wore tops, jackets and jeans so I could easily style an outfit if I didn’t have time to be more creative. I loved this way of organizing because most days I don’t want to think too hard about what to wear to work, but that meant I was only using a small percent of my wardrobe. And because I’m trying to declutter my mind and room, I want to get rid of things that I don’t use; in this case I need to start wearing those other clothes or else I’m going to donate them.

I’ve already trained my mind to go to the middle of my closet for easy pieces to style, so I figured I would remove all of my current favorite pieces, file them back with their proper categories on the opposite sides of the closet, and put my rarely worn items in the middle. I organized them by outfit (so every top has a jacket to go with it), which should make it easier to wear when I look for outfits in the morning. Now, if I don’t wear certain pieces within the next few weeks, I’m getting rid of it! No reason to keep things I won’t wear. It just takes up space in my closet, and honestly makes it way more difficult to create outfits in the morning. Plus it will help me rediscover some old fav pieces that I’ve forgot about because they were pushed to the back of my closet. This system will also help me find the items that don’t fit right, but I didn’t want to get rid of for some reason.

I am keeping clothes that don’t necessarily fit now but will fit after losing 10-15 pounds since I’m actively working out and will need those clothes hopefully soon! I’m also getting rid of items that don’t fit the same now that I’ve lost weight. Some I’m giving to family members and friends, the rest I’m adding to a donate bag that’s been accumulating in my garage.

As my surroundings get lighter with unnecessary stuff, so is my mind.

Marah Renee