Longest Run to Date

There’s nothing like running outside to really push yourself to new levels you never thought you’d achieve.

I love the gym and running on the treadmill as “homework” or a “quizz” to help me practice running faster and longer, but the true “test” is running outside and seeing how all of that training has paid off. To put into perspective, I just got back in the gym a week or so ago because I had the flu for almost a month. So I tried the whole slow and steady method to build back my endurance, but that barely lasted a workout. I not only am right back to my normal speed, I’ve actually increased my longevity and endurance. My prior longest run was 6 miles. Now in just a week I’ve added an extra two.

How did I do it?

Well first off when you run outside, you have to run back home, so there is no “Oh I’m tired, I can stop now”, like at the gym. Sure you can stop mid hike or run but eventually you’re going to have to get back somehow, and no Ubering back is not an option. So I decided to go for a run with the new playlist I made and ran until I got tired, which was around four miles, then I obviously had to get back home so I just turned around and ran back. By mile 6 I was starving. My stomach was making all kinds of crazy noises to let me know I was hungry, so I started thinking about what I was going to eat once I got back home. This some how gave me more energy and I ended up running those last two miles faster than my normal pace, which was awesome.

I loved that I got to 8 miles don’t get me wrong, however my new goal is to get to 10 miles by the end of June. My goal ultimate goal isΒ to get up to the distance of a half marathon (roughly 13 miles) by the end of the Summer which seems doable right? One of my friends is currently training for a half marathon, so she’s been my motivation to run longer distances. I would love to run in an official half marathon, but I have some financial goals I’m trying to achieve at the moment, so those goals clash unfortunately. Maybe some time in the future, but for now I’m just enjoying the stress relief running gives me.

Marah Renee