French Tip Nails

I know this title is misleading. No, my nails are not the normal square, basic, white French tips.

They have a bit of flare to them.

Pointed. Touch of sparkle. Edge.

Those are the extra details I’ve added to nails to make them look not so basic, but clean. I took a hiatus from getting my nails done for about two months because I get tired of maintaining them, they can get very expensive, and I lacked inspiration. So I took them off until I had some fresh ideas.

This look I got from HRH Collection on YouTube. She can be a lot sometimes, but I think she’s probably the most raw, honest YouTuber out there. Alex, doesn’t give a flip (lol) about what anyone thinks, which is probably why I like her so much. One thing I always look out for in her videos and Instagram posts are her nails, because they’re quite unique, but not too crazy to where it’s just too much. It looks like she normally does an oval shape French tip, sometimes just clear, with some sparkle, diamonds, or some kind of pop that adds a little edge and cool to her nails.

I planned on following her lead with the oval shape but I missed having the strong point on my nails, so I decided to do a spin off of her nail look. I know this trend has been everywhere but I’ve yet to see anyone with it in person so I figured why not try it! So far I’m loving it and I’m feeling rejuvenated and inspired once again.

Marah Renee