High Wasted Lulus

Outfit Breakdown

Bra: Brooks, High Wasted Leggings: Lululemon, Flannel: Brandy Melville, Sneakers: Nikes, Sunnies: Quay

Since Coachella I have a new found appreciation for my body and how far I’ve come physically and mentally this year. This is the first year ever I have kept myself on track to achieve my New Year’s Resolutions. I never wanted to truly share them until I knew I’d keep at them, and five months later I’m still at it, so it’s safe to say I’ve made a lifestyle change.

It’s been rough. Food has always been a comfort and a crutch for me but I finally have something else to help alleviate stress and there’s nothing better than a great run. Now I’m not at my “goal weight” or “dream body shape” quite yet, but it’s the right step in the right direction. I’m healthy (minus this cold I just can’t kick), I have lots of energy, and I feel better about myself. Having more confidence honestly makes me look in the mirror a bit differently, which to me is cocky, it’s just being happy with yourself.

When I first bought these Lululemon pants, not gonna lie, they were tight. I purchased a size 8 in two pair leggings: one fit perfectly and these were snug. So I tucked them away for three weeks, next thing ya know, they’re my favorite workout bottom and I wear them pretty often. It was a big deal for me to take pictures in these since I’m not normally this comfortable with my body, but it’s nice to celebrate the small wins of losing 10-15 pounds and being content with where you are, yet still motivated to see what the future holds.

Marah Renee