Midway Weightloss

I spent a good 20 minutes trying to find a “before picture” to compare this picture to but I had none to choose from! Probably because one of my favorite colors I’ve grown to love over the years is black. 

Black shirts. Black jeans. Black shoes.

I partially started dressing in more black because I was finally starting to come into my style and I realized I was never 100% comfortable in color. I love pops of color don’t get me wrong, but I don’t need my look to scream multiple colors either. I also noticed my body looked better in black because it hid the bumps and curves that I didn’t want to necessarily show. 

However, I have noticed that I’ve slowly started to incorporate whites and greys, which don’t hide those curves as much, but I don’t feel as uncomfortable and self conscious either. On Tuesday, I went to Soul Cycle and I took a quick mirror selfie because duh why not? Plus they had a SC filter and I couldn’t resist! But I noticed that the curve I normally want to hide (my stomach) doesn’t stick out nearly as much. It’s not flat by any means, but it’s smaller.

I’ve never been one to notice small weight changes in people, so really up until 2-3 weeks ago I really didn’t notice a huge difference, but today for some reason it hit me. How far I’ve come. How difficult it was to get here. How much I have to go. And happiness. Joy. Proud.

I will admit the scale hasn’t moved much at all over the past 3-4 weeks. Which sucks. And at times a bit discouraging. But these moments of feeling strong and seeing the results make all the difference. I never measured myself, which may have been a mistake on my part since I’ve been told I’m losing inches more than anything, but the feeling of having your clothes fit better, or not because you no longer fill out the shirt or pants is awesome.

Just goes to show you don’t stop just because the scale does.

Marah Renee