Cleaning Out My Closet

The best part of getting healthy and losing a bit of weight is realizing that my clothes don’t fit the same way. Yes it sucks for our favorite tees or the perfect pair of jeans, but the satisfaction you get from knowing that they no longer fit is because you’re losing weight (and not gaining weight) is kind of amazing! Because of this, I went through a crazy Spring cleaning spree over the course of a month or so. My closet has about 25% less than what it originally had. Between the clothes, shoes, socks, and worn out gym gear, I feel like my room feels brighter and lighter, and mentally I feel like I threw away some baggage too.

Some of my clothes have sentimental value and for the wrong reasons. Don’t get me wrong there are a few tees that I’ve had from summer camps, concerts, and previous soccer teams I’ve been on, but some of my clothing Β I considered “sacred” because I never thought I could afford them. Which is a big accomplishment in the sense of how far I’ve come professionally that I could even afford them, but some of it is for bragging rights or just to say “Yes I own something from that designer.”

It’s sad, but true, so along with the items that didn’t fit, I threw away the items I only purchased because it was designer or whatever and didn’t actually wear. This was freeing in so many ways because it took years and years for me to start living my life for me and not for what I thought others wanted me to be. Of course there’s a level of discomfort that goes along with being yourself and expressing your true feelings, but it’s even scarier to think that you’ll have to live like a quiet little puppet.

Same for clothes.

Don’t buy something because everyone else has it or you feel like it makes you “cool”. Being cool is relative and honestly being cool is only a great feeling when you’re around people, but when you’re alone that warm feeling goes away. And if you got into debt to be this super cool person, then is it really that cool?

Dump the clothes that you bought for no particular reason, along with the idea that those items define you.

Marah Renee