Neighborhood Stroll

Not much of a stroll, more of a jog/run.

Distance 6.26. Average Pace 11:32. Calories Burned 1069. Time 1 hr 12 mins 15 secs.

I do have a gym memeber at 24 Hour Fitness, but there’s something about running outside that just makes me push that much harder. I don’t know why I run so much further outside than on a treadmill but there’s something about the wind hitting your face and breathing in the fresh air that that gets me. My old record was 6 miles exactly, I never thought I could run that long or that far. Not by much but still I will take the win! I also had a lot more hills in my route verses last time which is great because I burn more calories running at an incline, plus it helps push me that much further to make it to the top.

It’s all about motivating yourself even when you’re tired or just over it. Those are the best runs and workouts you’ll have.

Push yourself  because the reward of that pull will be worth it!

Marah Renee