Monday Runs

Monday’s can sometimes be the hardest workouts. Probably because it’s the beginning of the week and it’s hard enough to go to work/school on Mondays, let’s alone workout. If anything you just want to go home, lay down, and relax to figure out how you’re going to survive the rest of the week. But…this is all the more reason to go for a quick run.

Don’t know if you have ever felt the “runners high” before, but it’s an amazing feeling! I personally feel it around mile 3 because that’s usually when I get tired and want to give up, but I don’t and that’s when my body starts to feel like I’m on cloud 9 and I’m just in awe that my legs are still moving! I don’t get the runners high vibes every time I run either, I truly feel it when I’m exceeding my exceptions, and usually this is on Monday.

Monday the gym is usually crowded, especially at 6pm when everyone is off of work at the gym, but I swear these are the best runs of your life if you run just even a tenth of a mile more than what you thought. It’s an amazing feeling!

To feel accomplished.

To exceed your exceptions.

To feel satisfied with your progress.

To be happy.

I love these feelings/emotions and so I usually spend my Monday runs chasing them and after all of sweat and hard work, it’s totally worth it.

Marah Renee