The Temptation

The temptation can sometimes get bad. And of course it’s never planned. It’s never when you had a great workout and you feel like you earned a reward or when you’re out with you’re friends and they want to split a desert.

No. Cravings pop out at the weirdest most inconvenient times. Late at night when you’re binge watching Netflix, during a stressful workday, or even after a long, painful day of series of unfortunate events.

I still have them and always will, but I limit my craving to just a taste instead of a binge by portioning out the food I want to indulge in. If it’s ice cream I don’t eat the whole carton. I put the serving size, yes the serving size in a cup, and just eat that. Easier said then done I know but it’s actually worked out. Usually cravings come in waves so honestly you just need a little bit and they go away. Once you’re done eating that little portion, wait 10 minutes afterward and see if you want more. If so, drink a bit of water then wait another 10…most likely the craving is gone. If not, have a little more and repeat. Sure maybe this means you indulged a little too much but at least you didn’t eat the whole carton right? That’s a win for sure!

Marah Renee