Tracking My Progress

It’s been a month.

More actually.

I debated on whether to share more about what I’ve been doing, fitness wise, because it’s kinda taken over my life.

But in the best way possible.


Now I don’t have the issue of forcing myself to go to the gym or workout. Actually not true. About once a week I do. Usually Tuesday or Wednesday because I go so many days in a row that that’s the time I usually start to get tired and need a day to rest. For a while I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week, which I now look back and think is obsessive and a little crazy. Only because not every workout was “a good workout”. I mean working out so many days in a row gets exhausting; no rests days make workouts that much harder. And not for the better. Usually for the worst. There were plenty of workouts that I should’ve taken a rest day but I was so scared about missing a day at the gym that I’d go anyway, and my feet would ache, back would hurt, arms/thighs would be sore, so I’d take a day off finally! But one rest day turned into 2-3 in a row because my body was too tired to continue.

I’ve read plenty of blogs and such about fitness that I’m lowkey an expert (not really an expert though), and I discovered, based on trial and error, you really need rest days or else your workouts won’t be as good and you’ll just wind up injuring yourself.

Now I go 3-5 times a week, depending on my social calendar. That’s another thing I was missing. I kinda dropped all of my friends for a bit so I could workout more. I blocked everyone out so I could focus on losing weight and I wanted to make sure that I stuck to my 1300 calorie diet. However, 1300 calories a day for me isn’t enough. I was cranky and starving. Although, I will say counting calories for three months did help me realize I can still eat what I like, just less of it and not so often! Once I relaxed on the calorie counting and the very strict workout regimen I made, I started focusing on how my body was feeling instead and I naturally added my “friend time” back on the calendar (during my rest days) , which increased my happiness and my overall health.

Back to calorie counting – Yes it sucks.

I’ve read tons and tons of articles about how you shouldn’t calorie count, you should just make better choices and blah blah blah. Well as an over-eater and someone who used to lack self control when it came to food, calorie counting was the best way for me to start. It made me accountable of what I ate and drank; I also tracked how much water I drank everyday, which helped me cut soda and juices out of my diet in a huge way. Let’s just say the fat girl in me would rather eat her calories than drink them.

Not counting calories anymore has been great. I’m going on two weeks without counting which has been harder than what I thought. Some days I do want to log my food to see if I’ve eaten too much because it’s easier to put the calories on paper, or on an app, but that urge within itself lets me know I’ve eaten too much and need to slow down.

More to come….

Marah Renee