Obsessing a Bit


So I’m not sure when this obsession started or will be ending but when I want to stay motivated to do anything in my life, I research the sh** out of it. Lately, I’ve been looking at celebrities working out on their Snapchats, Instagram, ya know all of the social media, just to see what exercises they do, how long they do them, and of course, what they wear.

During my obsession, I mean research, I noticed Vanessa Hughes and Ashley Benson came up quite a bit, probably because they workout almost everyday. I’ve been following Ashley on Snapchat for a long time now and I always see her at the gym, so it’s become somewhat of a routine to watch her Snap on my way home from work, so I can get motivated to go to the gym. Seems to be working because I go almost everyday now.


With Vanessa, she goes often also, and I’ve been researching where she goes and what exercises she does, and I’m pretty sure it’s well known she’s obsessed with Soul Cycle. She’s the reason why I tried it out so long ago but I didn’t stick with it because it’s like $30 a class and there’s not one close enough to me to justify going all the time. However, as a little treat to myself, I bought 3 classes that I’ll spread out over the next month or so, just to shake up my workout routine.

Until then, I’ve been keeping up with running on the interval setting on the treadmill. Now that I go to the gym with my mom a little more, our workouts are usually only 30 minutes so I try to burn as many calories as possible in that 30 minutes. Today I decided to run at 6.5 (speed) for the first two minutes and walk at a 3.0 incline at a 4.0 speed for two minutes. I alternated between these for 30 minutes a burned a little over 300 calories. Pretty good I must say because I didn’t leave the gym completely burnt out like I normally do but it took me less time to burn more calories.

Marah Renee