Orange Theory – Post Workout


To take my fitness lifestyle to a whole new level, I decided to try out Orange Theory! At the gym I’ve reached my goal of running 3 miles straight multiple times, so I needed a new goal to keep me interested in working out (because running on the treadmill and staring at yourself in the mirror can get real boring real fast). And I somehow stumbled upon an article on Orange Theory through the My Fitness Pal website. After obsessively reading articles about the good, the bad, and the ugly about this gym, I figured there’s no better way to figure out what’s true or false then just going myself. Unfortunately, they don’t let you sign up online, you HAVE to do it over the phone, so I had a representative from the location I chose, call me and had me sign up for a class that night! I did the 7:30-8:30pm class, just because that’s the earliest I could get there. They did ask me to come in half an hour earlier for a little orientation.

First off, you’ll never not know where there’s an Orange Theory because of the bright a** orange sign outside. 🙂 Once I got in I was greeted by two women. One who gave me some information to fill out: name, address, how you heard about them, current weight (which you can fudge if you’re uncomfortable) how often you workout currently, fitness goals, etc. Once I filled that out, the woman came back with a card that she once again asked me my fitness goals and how often I work out (which seemed redundant but whatever..) Then she gave me a heart rate monitor to put around my body so that my heart rate can be tracked in the system and on the tv screens in the workout area.

Then I met the instructor, who was distractingly (is that a word?) cute, and the lady who took down my information on the card proceeded to read it to the cute instructor in front of me, which wasn’t ideal but oh well I guess. He then showed me around the workout equipment. He also gave me a number so that I’d only go to that designated number every time we rotated machines; i.e. #7 machine for the water rower machine, treadmill, and area where you do floor exercises.

Every class is different so that you don’t develop muscle memory, but with this “endurance class”, my group started with the first half of the class being dedicated to the row machines, floor exercises, and the rope-connected-to-wall attachment thingy (so descriptive I know). Then I was on the treadmill for the last part. We did sprints to jogs to walks, depending on your comfort level with the treadmill. I attempted to be a runner, which basically means I run then jog then run again, but my legs and I were not on the same page. Like I said before, I run 3 miles in a little less than 30 minutes so running then jogging and then running again should be no issue for me right? Wrong. I’m a very black and white person, in almost every sense of the phrase, but here meaning  I run or walk, I don’t jog. So I initially started running and then I was supposed to jog, then increase my speed to running again, but my body doesn’t work that way, so I ran or walked the whole 30 minutes… which according to my instructor is incorrect.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the gym I give it my all, I don’t half a**. If I wanted to half a** I can do that at home, on my couch, eating Hot Cheetos (which god I miss so much). But if I actually took the time to drive to the gym I hustle the entire workout, which according to Orange Theory, is incorrect. You’re supposed to spend most of your workout in the green and orange levels, which green- is a moderate speed, and orange- is a bit more intense. However, as I said above, I’m a black or white kinda gal, so does green sound like a zone I’d spend much time in? No.

At the end of the class the instructor went over my results: I spend 5 minutes in green, 29 minutes in orange, and 20 minutes in red. Apparently being in the red all that time means I  spent part of that time burning muscle not fat, which in no bueno. Based on the tons of reviews and blog posts I red  read, most people had a hard time getting into the orange zone the first few classes let alone red, so I’m not sure how I did the opposite. He said my goal moving forward is to spend more time focusing on my form, which will help balance out where I’m spending my time by zone.


Overall, I loved the class. I burned 718 calories, which I didn’t even think was possible tbh, so of course I’m going back! (That’s double what I burn at Soul Cycle fyi). I liked the instructor (which I’m sure is obvious), but I also enjoyed the music which makes or breaks my workouts, the facility itself had a lot of perks: lockers, showers, a scale, which worked great for me because I have no idea what my actual weight was, there’s tons of class times to choose from, I basically get a personal-ish trainer without paying hundreds of dollars per class, and everyone was into their own workouts so even though our heart beat and zone info was on the screen I rarely saw anyone look up at it or look at me.

Ugh. Ok. The Price.

It’s expensive, which is annoying but it’s such a good workout, I’d rather cut back on other expenses just to afford these. Here’s the breakdown:

Monthly Membership: *have to pay for over the phone or in person, not available online*

Premier $189 – unlimited classes, Elite $129 – 8 classes per month, Basic- $89 4 classes a month


30 classes- $510, 20 classes- $380, 10 classes $245

Heart Rate Monitors- *have to purchase in order to take the class*

Chest – $69, Wrist $109

I personally will be starting with 4 classes a month for $89 since I still have my 24 Hour Fitness membership and maybe I’ll bump up to 8 classes a month the following. Did I mention the first class was free? Might as well try it once and if you hate it just don’t go back, but I doubt you’ll hate it.

Marah Renee