Interval Running + Post Workout Meal

Remember how I said I wanted to try interval running? Well did that and I’m kinda loving it. Normally I’m all about running your heart out and if you feel like you’re going to die, suck it up. However I realized this method doesn’t really burn nearly as many calories as interval running, and ummmm I wanna burn calories off soooo…interval running might be my new BFF.

If you use interval running on the treadmill, you can customize your workout to change every two minutes. So I decided to run at 6.1 for 2 minutes and run at 5.0 at a 3.0 incline for two minutes. I did that for the first 30 minutes and when I started to feel really tired I went down to running at 5.0 instead of 6.1 and continued the interval of running at 5.0 with the 3.0 incline. For the last half mile I did an “all out” pace which was at 6.1. I did that until I got to 4 miles, which I somehow did in 47 minutes, so I’m that much closer to my 5 mile goal! The interval running helps me increase the amount of calories I’ve burned and run longer. Although I miss my all out sprint workouts, it’s nice to mix it up!

After my workout, I had steak and broccoli. That’s a lot of steak I know, but I ended up only eating about half because I get fuller faster now that I try to drink tons of water while I eat. I heard veggies should fill half your plate, so I packed that on as well, and with a little seasoning (or a lot 😉), it was an overall good post workout meal!

Marah Renee