Checkered Layers


Flannel: Brandy Melville, Tank: Nordstrom, Leggings: All Saints, Sneakers: Puma, Bag: Chanel, Fur Puff: Nordstrom

Yay for trying to be more on top of taking outfit pictures! We’ll see…maybe…

This weekend I went to have lunch with the fam and because I had a very intense workout in the morning, I decided to skip the hair extensions, throw my hair in a bun, and let my outfit do all the talking. My leggings are the star of this outfit because they have leather panels throughout the leg, which I love. And when are leggings not comfortable? Yea, never.

Instead of wearing a purse, I opted for my Chanel pouch which I haven’t used in forever, and surprisingly this made a statement all on its own. Since my outfit is so edgy, you wouldn’t think to pair such a classic piece with it, but that was just the right amount of contrast I was looking for.

Marah Renee