Slacker? Or Taking a Much Needed Break?

So after my very intense workout at OrangeTheory for the first time on Monday, (post to come about that experience), I was sore, like really sore. And nauseous. And exhausted. And hungry. And this continued for 3 days. (Ugh!!) It kinda freaked me out because since I’ve been exercising and eating better, I’ve really enjoyed it, and this is the first time I’ve really hit a road block. My whole body was in pain, there was no “fighting through it”, so I took a day off; although I always go to the gym on Tuesday’s. Then Wednesday I felt the same. Then Thursday a friend and I went out to dinner. And now it’s Friday. 

I’m not sure where the week went but looking back, and noticing I went to the gym only once freaks me out. I don’t want to fall out of love with running again and honestly not having to been nice, but I definitely don’t feel as good physically as I have these past few weeks. 

So I googled “How to Stay Motivated to Workout” so that I’ll want to go to the gym after work today and lots came up. First off, taking a break isn’t actually a bad thing. If your body is sending you signals of pain, you should probably should take a break. If you overwork yourself, you’ll actually see negative results, verses if you just took a few rest days and went back to your normal routine. I also read that when you’re feeling less than inspired it’s helpful to come up with new goals. Since I reached my 3 mile goal a bit ago, I’m brainstorming some new fitness goals to motivate me to keep going:

1. Try interval running – Run one mile, jog another, then run the third. Apparently this helps you run faster and longer verses running at the same speed. I’m not sure if that’ll work but I’m giving it a go!

2. Spend at least 20 minutes next week on the stair climber. For some reason that machine just freaks me out so I’m going to cut some of my runs shorter so I can try that machine out and see if I like it.

Let’s hope this helps get me back in my grove before my second Orangetheory class tomorrow!

Marah Renee