Styling that Calvin Crop Top

Sunnies- Quay, Flannel – K-Mart, Crop Top – Calvin Klein, Skinnies -Topshop, Boots – Sam Edelman

The whole let’s set up a camera, stand in front of it, and awkwardly take pictures of myself seems a bit scary to me still so I’ll start with mirror selfies to get myself back into the swing of things.

This flannel was from a previous K-Mart sample sale, which ugh I miss so much because it was basically like shopping for free, and I love it because it’s a men’s size which means it’s oversized and cozy. Two great combos. Along with that I wore my Calvin Klein bra, crop top thingy underneath as a little peek-a-boo effect, which makes it easier to be apart of the Calvin trend, while still realizing I’m no size 2, so I need to style it with a bit more care.

Marah Renee