My Personal Best…So Far

I’ve somehow managed to go to the gym four days in a row without dying from sore limbs, my heart exploding outta my chest, or my feet falling off.

Day 1 of going back to the gym is always rough. I played soccer my whole adolescent life, so running a mile and then feeling like I was going to throw up and needing to stop is so unacceptable in my book. But that’s why they say started from the bottom now we’re here…not that I’m necessarily at the top of my game quite yet, but this is a good start. But on day number four of being back in the gym I ran two and half miles at the pace of a 10 minute mile, and did a light jog/walk for an extra mile.

This is currently my personal best since since I started, and I’m proud.

My motivation? Thinking of how annoying my ex boyfriends are, wondering why I ate a bag of chips and cookies while I was at work either that day, the girl next to me who tried to outrun me but stopped after about 30 seconds (wait maybe that’s an exaggeration – let’s say 45 seconds), and the guy who got on the treadmill next me to me for two minutes who tried to get my attention but failed miserably because trying to flirt with me while I’m running is probably the worst way to do so.

I’ve found some of the best workouts I’ve had have been while I’m pissed off or trying to come up with a solution to a problem. Probably because I’m so focused on hating someone and running faster and harder makes me feel like I’m beating them somehow, which in turn makes me the time go by faster and next thing I know, my workout is probably half way over. That’s pretty much what I did today, and it helps that my body has gotten adjusted to running again so I didn’t start to feel the pain until 2 miles in, which is around the time I had worked out the issues I was thinking over in my head anyway. The mini distractions like the girl trying to increase her speed for while then going right back to 3.5 speed and the guys are good distractions also. Whatever distracts you and gets you through the workout.

Marah Renee