Carrot Sticks or Hot Cheetos?


I’m hesitant to share what I ate for lunch only because I’m in no way qualified to tell somehow how to be healthy. I don’t consistently eat healthy either. I love Hot Cheetos, Oreos, and burgers too much. However, I am making more of a conscience effort to eat better because I tend to feel better when I eat healthier. My high-wasted Topshop jeans also tend to fit and feel better. I usually have more energy and I don’t break out so much so you would think I would eat better, but Hot Cheetos taste better than carrot sticks let’s be real…

But I am trying to substitute my usual bad foods with some good ones, especially since I don’t want my hours at the gym to go to waste. Over the weekend I actually decided to grocery shop right after the gym because I was feeling inspired to eat healthy and it’s kinda awkward if you’re sweaty from the gym and walking out with chips and cookies right?

So while in Safeway that’s conveniently right next door from my local 24 Hour Fitness, I grabbed a bunch of salads and wraps to last the week, along with some Odwalla juices, cantaloupe…….and carrot sticks. Yes I just said Hot Cheetos are better, but my skin says otherwise, so I’m opting for the carrot sticks. I notice I usually like for my food to be crunchy, probably why I like curly fries so much, so I’m going to try to replace some of those unhealthy crunchy things with healthy crunchy snacks.

My salad today was a BBQ Style Salad with Chicken. 380 calories, not bad compared to my previous lunches that included sandwiches and burgers right? I’m sure some will say I should probably make my own salads so that I can further reduce the amount of calories or use a vinaigrette instead of salad dressing, but hey ya gotta start somewhere right?

Baby steps people baby steps.

Marah Renee