Hashtag Girl Boss


Part of my Christmas present from my old boss was the book #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso, who’s the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal. Umm don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the site: linked here but its’s kinda amazing. The prices can be a bit expensive sometimes, but I usually wait for the sales, which are pretty frequent on the site. I’m pretty sure the first thing I bought on there for ever ago were the Jeffrey Campbell Litas in brown suede. Do you remember when everyone wore Jeffrey’s? Especially the Litas? I do. I specifically remember how expensive they were to me at the time. $160 for shoes on a sales associate budget was not a thing, and so I coveted them until I randomly wound up on the Nasty Gal site and there were my shoes for $116! I bought them immediately. I don’t normally remember prices or sales deals on things, but certain ones will forever be instilled in my brain; buying my first of 4 pairs of Litas is one of them. I still have them, I just don’t really wear them now because they’re so tall and don’t really fit my lifestyle anymore. However they remind me of how far of come style wise and life wise. I’m pretty sure I was 18 when I bought those shoes, and I’m so different than I was at that time. I mean I wore blazers at the time, which I’d never EVER wear now unless I was going on an interview. It’s funny to think back on it now because even then I hated them, but I thought they looked stylish and trendy so I had them in almost ever color. UGH. Thank god I found leather jackets, so I haven’t needed to look back sense.

Getting this book came at a very good time. I quit my job a week or two after my boss gave me this book (bad timing I know). And I was so so nervous, honestly terrified at what the future held because my first and only corporate experience was at Sears and I was giving it all up to work for a new retailer that would double my commute and ultimately make me start over. The unknown is scary and I was comfortable at Sears, to a fault which is why I left, but I felt comfortable there. I knew at least 75% of the people on my floor, some of my best friends worked there with me, I could do the job with little to no trouble, and this is where I gained all of my buying experience. Was I stupid for leaving? Is this going to be the biggest mistake in my career? Reading Sophia’s book reminded me the best parts of life are taking risks. You can’t really move forward in life if you don’t learn, grow, and try new things. And although I was scared, I knew I’d eventually have to move on from my role I felt oh so comfortable in and get used to being uncomfortable again.

Sophia took a risk everyday she kept Nasty Gal alive, from her eBay days to even now! And we wouldn’t have a cool a** site like Nasty Gal if she didn’t take a chance to see if her hobby could turn into a real business or not. #GirlBoss is definitely a good read if you need a nudge or even a push to do something more in your career. If she can do it you can do it.

Marah Renee