New Job & Style Realization Rant


I figured to get myself back into the swing of things I’d rant a little bit about why I’ve been gone  so long and what I’ve been doing. First off, as a millennial, I’d say I’m pretty good at multitasking, in all aspects of the word…or at least when I want to be. Priorities changed when I had new people enter my life. I didn’t necessarily give up things that made me happy, I just realized there were other things making me even more happy at the time and at a certain point something is going to have to give: being the blog.

That phase (we’ll call the new people or person) lasted for a few months, now done with I guess and so I realized I once again had some “free time” on my hands. I use the phrase free time very lightly. Besides the “little phase” in my life, I found a new job, still in buying kinda sorta, but something new and fun. I represent a brand for a particularly large retailer called Wal-Mart if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s added an extra 30-45 minutes to my commute, which I’m not loving, but for the first time in let’s say 3-4 months, I’m actually learning something new! Plus it’s worth it since I’m excited to come to work everyday instead of dreading it. I loved my old job, co-workers, and such, and some days I still miss it, but I’m someone who constantly needs to be learning and evolving, and when I’m not I feel lazy, which effects my mood and how I treat those around me, and not in a good way. And so although I miss where I was (because I knew my s**t so it wasn’t much of a challenge anymore), a friend once told me it’s never a good thing to be the smartest person in the room. Not saying I’m just some genius but I mean having your job and all it entails down pact to the point where you’re on autopilot half the time isn’t good. Also, when people learn from you, but you’re no longer learning from those around you, it probably means you’ve been in your position a bit too long and need a change.

Which is why I felt lazy and stuck. Which is probably why I stopped blogging.

I no longer felt inspired. And who wants to read about an uninspired, random…not me.

Along with my new (as of two weeks ago) job change, I also realized I found my style. Granted style evolves and changes, but I think I found the basis of it. My style is me wearing what I’m most comfortable in, and not really caring if it’s in season, or if my friends like it, or if it’s age appropriate. Let’s not think too crazy about the age appropriate thing, I simply mean some days I’m covered up or have to dress nice for a presentation, but most days I’m wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and tee, usually a V-neck. Yes I buy some things that other people like and I guess the general public would approve of, but I’m really only buying things that I would wear and feel good wearing it. Prime example, I’ve wanted Louboutins forever and I bought two pair within the last 6 months (not good for the wallet by the way), both suede (which I now low key regret, should’ve bought leather ones), and I wear them a ton. I probably wear both pair at minimum once a week. An old co-worker commented that I wore them so often it kinda takes away the “glamour” of owning Louboutins. I thought that was the weirdest thing because those shoes are expensive af and I’m pretty sure I bought them to wear out and about, not just to post and brag about them on Instagram and then let them collect dust in my closest.

It’s little comments like this that helped me realize I truly wear what I want to wear and how I want to wear them. I don’t think she meant it in a bad way, I think she just wanted to state her observation, but this just reconfirms the notion that you should dress the way you want to dress because at the end of the day, you’re own perception of yourself is what’s most important. If you feel good, you look good. Wearing confidence usually shines brighter than wearing some designer whatever…if you like it wear it, if not, don’t.

Like I said, my style is pretty basic in my eyes now, since I dress relatively the same everyday, which is why I was unsure if I should continue to blog or not, but I think I can write about more than just what I wear everyday. I’m also slowly trying to balance my new job and the long commute, with my rediscovered love of reading (which I do on my hour and 15 minute commute rides to work), friends, family, Netflix, getting back into the gym and being healthy, and my “social life”. So I guess I’ll talk about that? I’ll see where it goes 🙂

Marah Renee