Celine Mini Belt Bag – To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve been debating about this bag for a week or so, maybe even less. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but I’ve yet to see very many people with this bag! I’m shocked because it’s gorgeous and has all of the details to create the perfect bag…well minus one thing. 

First off, the Celine Mini Belt bag comes in a bunch of different colors. I’m debating between the grey and black, but leaning more towards the black. It’s the perfect size, being just slightly bigger than the Celine Nano. It’s leather, not quite pebbled but not quite smooth either, which means it’s great for hiding scratches and such. Lastly, it comes with a shoulder strap, that you can wear cross body or just on your side, which is a great option since the Celine Mini Luggage is a million and one pounds, and feels as though you’re carrying a small child on your arm (dramatic, yet accurate). The detachable strap isn’t that long though, so if you’re much taller than me (I’m 5’4), you probably can’t wear this bag crossbody or else it will hit at an awkward length.

As much as I love this bag, I do have to mention the way you open the bag kinda sucks. I’ll admit I needed a sales associate to help me figure it out, which isn’t a very good sign. Guess I’d get used to it?

But yes the flap of the bag unhooks in the front, so you have to push the flap down to unhook it, which could be a real pain if you need to get in and out of your bag very quickly. However, that does mean it’s pretty secure and no one is getting in your bag…thoughts?

Marah Renee