Chrome Nails


I don’t think that I’ve been quite so happy to talk about my nails in a little while. I see so many cool, unique styles on Instagram and Tumblr that I feel like I always fall short…but not today! Today I get to show you guys how cool my new chrome nails are. I’ve actually never seen the full process of getting chrome on nails, and it’s pretty cool.

First, they put on black gel polish, and dried them, like you normally get gel acrylic nails painted. Step two consists of scrubbing chalk, dust looking stuff (articulate I know) all over the nail with a small brush, and wa-la! Chrome nails! They’re so unique looking; the colors go from purple to blue, depending on the lighting. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement, and the pointy nails add an extra level of edge to my nails!

Marah Renee