My Favorite Highlighter of the Moment

MAC in general is one of my favorite makeup brands. Its been a long, long time since I’ve gone out and bought brand new makeup that I’ve never tried before. I’ve been overall pretty consistent with the brands and products I’ve been using, especially the MAC Minalizing Skin Finish (highlighter) in Soft & Gentle. I’ve had this for at least a year now and I still have plenty of product left! I use quite a few layers of this on my upper cheekbone, so that it lasts all day, even when my face gets oily towards mid day. Normally, the oils on my face overwhelm my makeup and suck in all of the product, so they’re not as pigmented, which means I have to add a few extra coats to make sure it lasts all day.
I have a few Minalizing Skin Finishes from MAC and I love them because they’re powder based, so they work for the oily skinned people out there, super pigmented, work with a variety of skin tones, and are pretty affordable. Just thought I’d share my #1 favorite highlighter for the moment in case you were looking for a new product to try!

Marah Renee