Kyshadow Palette

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I finally was able to get my hands on the KyShadow palette!! After about a month or two since its been released, Kylie finally put her palettes up on her site with tons of quantities behind it, so it didn’t sell out in two seconds. I tried twice to get her palette when they first came out, and neither time was I successful, so I decided to wait a while to try again. It was worth the wait for sure. The colors are slightly different than my usual neutral eye shadows, which I love because it’s nice to mix up colors every now and then. I’ve only had it for 3 days or so, so I can’t say much right now, but so far I’m loving the orange and dark browns. I don’t see Kylie wear much if any orange eye shadows, so I’m a bit surprised she included it in her palette but I really enjoy it. It’s not as “orange” as you think it would be. It seems brown-based because it’s a subtle orange, not very bright, which makes it easier to wear. And once you blend it with darker shadows in your crease and outer corners of your eyes, it blends in the background to create a perfect neutral eye.

Along with her eye shadow palette, I applied one of her lip kits, 22. I love 22 so so much! It’s so different from anything is normally wear and I obviously like it because wore it way more than what I ever thought I would. I want to wear it a few more times before the Summer weather truly goes away, since it’s very much a Summer color so you might see a bright orange lip in a few ootd.

The consistency of this formula is just as you would expect from a liquid matte lipstick: glides on easily, dries really quickly, and lasts all day. I know there are a lot of critics out there who say her products are overpriced and the formula is similar to cheaper brands, but like with any celebrity endorsed product, of course the mark up is higher because you’re paying for the name, like you do with Too Faced, Naked, Makeup Forever, Kat Von D, or any other makeup brand out there. I’m willing to pay for Kylie’s brand, because like everyone else I’m a fan of hers. If you don’t like the ticket price, then don’t pay it. Ok rant over…let me know how you guys like this look and if you guys have tried any of her eye shadows yet. 🙂

Marah Renee

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