The Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Pulling these pictures out of the archive from back when I went to Outside Lands a few weeks ago! I totally forgot to share that before the madness of the festival, my friend Giann and I went to Mr. Holmes! According to her, I’m the only person in the Bay Area who’s never heard of Mr. Holmes. For those who’ve also never heard of it, it’s a bakery on Larkin Street in San Francisco that’s known for their baked goods. The line was crazy long at 7am on a Friday, so I figured I should try it because it must be damn good. We waited in line for about 30 minutes or so, but the wait was well worth it because my chocolate filled donut was so unbelievably good, I wish I would’ve gotten a whole box! I probably would’ve eaten them all in one sitting though, so it’s probably good I didn’t. If Mr. Holmes wasn’t so far from my office and didn’t have such a limited supply (because apparently they run out at certain points just FYI), I would probably go more often.

Besides the amazing donuts we had, they also sold cookies, muffins, and other sweet pastries. It’s also a very icon thing to take pictures in front of the “I Got Baked in San Francisco” sign in bright red lights, so I figured when in Rome?

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