Weekend Getaway: San Diego Part 2


Along with the relaxing portions of my vacation, my family and I also participated in a cooking competition, held by the hotel. I’m no cook, by any means, whatsoever. My version of cooking is making eggs and bacon, which I do very rarely. But yes, my mom entered us in a cooking contest, which my brother and I weren’t too excited for but my mom is kind of amazing when it comes to cooking so we joined for her to get the Hells Kitchen/Chopped experience. For the contest we were all given shrimp, steak, and chicken, along with tons of veggies, seasoning, salad, and a few other things. We competed against three other families from the hotel and we only had 45 minutes to complete our dishes, which you would think is a long time but it’s really not.

We were graded on teamwork, presentation, and of course the food itself. Our judges were all probably 12 and under, so we tried to find great flavors that kids would like. We came in second, but we only lost by one point! How sad right? It was tons of fun though, and we’ve never really cooked together as a family so it was a fun experience. Plus we got a $75 gift card to use at the restaurant or at the hotel!

Since we only stayed the weekend, day two’s outfit needed to be comfortable for the seven hour car ride back. Simplistic outfits are my thing, so I wore a grey t-shirt dress from Target, slides from Puma (the Rihanna slides to be exact), and a denim jacket from Nordstrom. I wore a choker too, which was unnecessary I realize but because this choker is so stretchy, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Can’t wait to go back to San Diego and hopefully go beyond the hotel doors.

DSC00609 DSC00610 DSC00611 DSC00616 DSC00618


Denim Jacket: Nordstrom, T-Shirt Dress: Target, Slides: Puma (Rihanna)

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