Weekend Getaway: San Diego


This past weekend I went on a road trip with my family down to San Diego from the Bay Area, which took about 7 hours. As much as I love my family, I’d highly recommend you not drive and just fly. Being in a small space, where you can’t stand, stretch, eat, or go to the bathroom for hours on end, is probably not the best idea. Especially when you’re trying to make minimal stops.

All in all though I had a very relaxing weekend. I’ve never been to San Diego, and I guess I still can’t really say I’ve really “been there” since we never left our hotel. We were probably 5 minutes away from Sea World and 15 from the beach, but we never made it to one of those place, but I’m definitely not complaining. Our whole trip was based around finding a great hotel with amenities that would make us want to stay around all weekend. And the Hyatt in San Diego did just that! There are two slides at the pool for the kids, one small for younger children and one larger one for the big kids and adults. My little brother went down it at least 20 times, so obviously the slide was fun.

During this trip I was the girl who didn’t want to get her hair wet and who didn’t want to ruin their makeup, so I only spent 20-30 minutes in the pool, but that’s all I needed. I mostly laid by the pool, ate lots of hot wings, giant pretzels, and had a drink or two. It was a fun weekend getaway, which was timed perfectly since my brother’s first day of middle school was on Monday.

I spent most of the day in my swimsuit, but I wore a beach coverup to the pool and to dinner from Forever 21. I love this jumper because it’s big, flowy, and pretty bright; which is very different from my normal monochromatic looks. I also wore my LV backpack to carry all of our pool essentials and such, along with some white sandals from Target, which one of my friends kindly bought me so thanks Kristina! I’m not normally one of the full-filled outfits but that’s what vacations are for right? Let loose a little…

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Sunnies: Quay Australia, Jumper: Forever 21, Sandals: Target

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