Outside Lands 2016 – My First Festival



What I Wore:

Beanie- Topshop, Sunnies- Quay Australia, Crop Top- Calvin Klein, Boyfriend Jeans- Vince, Flannel- K-Mart, Boots- Steve Madden, Bag- Celine

Jenn & Steph

This was my very first festival and very first Outside Lands! My friend Giann, who you will see in tons of pictures with me, has gone to several Outside Lands, so she knew the drill as far as where to go, where to get the best food and drinks, etc. Between the fashion, food, random friends I made, and duh the music, it’s probably one of the best weekends I had all year! I also got to meet Jenn and Steph from YouTube; Jenn being from Clothes Encounters and Steph being from Soothing Sista. Jenn was one of the first few YouTubers I started watching when I was trying to find my style, and honestly myself so it was crazy to see her in person. Seeing her represented how far I’ve come as a person and with my style since I’ve been following her channel for so long…around the teenage years. And Stephanie I’ve started following more recently, but in my eyes I was so ecstatic to meet both of them.

Music wise, I’m pretty basic with who and what I listen to, but I’m always willing to hear new music so thank god for Outside Lands. Here’s the line up I listened to in order of amazing to basic for Friday August 5th:

Mirian Hall


J. Cole

Mike Snow


*FYI Warmth triumphs cuteness. Trust me. I’ve noted this for my next festival in a cold area.

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