My First Time at Soul Cycle

After randomly finding a free pass to Soul Cycle, I finally had the chance to go with a co-worker to the 1st Street location. It was a great experience to say the least. I first heard about Soul Cycle from the show about some of the locations in LA, and I’ve seen tons of celebs on Instagram take pictures there after their workouts. I have a special place in my heart for Vanessa Hughes, since the High School Musical days, and her little sis Stella, and I know they go there a ton, so I figured I would try it out.

It’s $30 a class, which is pretty steep for a cycling class, but well worth the money. The one on 1st Street in San Francisco is in a great location, and it’s right next to Pressed Juice. They also have a very clean, organized business, and they provide cycle shoes (if you don’t already have some, towels, and have tons of feminine products in the ladies room (including showers, hair dryers, etc.)

The instructors don’t allow you to bring your phone into the cycling room, so sorry for the lack of photos, but there’s tons of bikes all facing the instructor, as well as on the sides, and there’s a huge mirror upfront, so you can pay attention to your form throughout the class. The instructor kept the lights dimmed most of the time, which make me not feel so self conscious, and she threw out a lot of motivation phrases to keep us motivated. The music she choose was really upbeat and current, so it made the class much more enjoyable. I’m definitely going back for sure!

It would be nice if Soul Cycle gave you some kind of discount if you buy multiple classes at one time, but no they don’t. Still $30 a class. Ugh, so this might be a one month or twice a month treat to myself, but I wish I could make this my full time workout place. 😦

Marah Renee

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