Normal Workday

A little photo diary of what a “normal workday” for me entails. First starting with getting on the train with a crowd of people. I usually try to carry a crossbody bag or a purse I’m ok with putting on the ground since I have to stand for up to 45 minutes on the train. While I’m on the train, I usually try not to just stand there because it makes the train ride a lot slower, so I’ve been trying to listen to new music everyday. Today I went with PartyNextDoor’s album from 2013.
At work, the day consists of coffee, breakfast (which I’m trying to eat everyday since it’s the most important meal of the day & I normally don’t eat it), checking emails, sample management, redoing floor layouts for the millionth time, more samples, more emails, talks of what’s selling & what’s not, did we pick the right color combos for next season, adding product to the line, pulling reports, snack time, meetings to prepare for meetings, hind-sighting about what sold well this past season and what didn’t, my proposal about what we should buy based on sales, what styles I want to try based on current selling, lunch, meeting about how the meetings went today, review my line proposal, edits to my proposal, advertising adjustments, snack time, answering emails about advertising, editing signs in the stores for my promotions in-store and online, double checking all products are in my offers to make sure they ring correctly on sale, laughs with co-workers, working on my product line proposal, random project that pops up, finalize & complete a project from yesterday, and finally time to leave for the day!

Marah Renee

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