My Embarrassing Wardrobe Story

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What I Wore:

Flannel- K-Mart (Attention department), Skinnies- Joes Jeans, Boots- Steve Madden, Sunnies- Quay Australia


This is what I get for not checking the samples I took from our sample sale, wardrobe malfunctions.

As I was getting my coffee this morning my mom pointed out to me that there’s a huge rip at the bottom of my shirt, probably due to the design team ripping some of it for fabric swatch purposes. But I was still determined to wear this flannel because it has such pretty, vibrant colors in it. I decided to tuck the back of my shirt into my jeans to avoid seeing the rip and off to work I went. Fast forward to getting to work then going on a Walgreens run, when I realized my shirt was missing a button so I had some major cleavage showing. That’s obviously not work appropriate, so I rushed to my co-worker and asked her to help me find another shirt. After trying on an additional flannel, we found the exact same flannel without any damage. To say my struggle was real this morning would be an understatement.

However, as I was leaving work for the day, my friend and I were able to get a free Izzy drink. Two representatives were standing there passing them out, so we each grabbed one and they took a photo of us so somewhere out there there’s a super dorky photo of my friend and I. So even though my day didn’t start out too great, it ended on a high note!

Marah Renee

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