Courage can be shown in a very simple way: getting out of bed in the morning, going outside, spending time with friends, going to the store…all of that. They’re small wins in the moment, but make a big impact long term. That’s the difference between having a good day or having a bad day, being depressed or being happy. I’ve been struggling doing all of the above simply because I’m tired. Tired of not reaching my goals, tired of feeling restless due to lack of sleep, tired of being taken advantage of. But you know what helps me get through the day? Courage.

Courage to say I’m not ok.

Courage to say I need help.

Courage to say I need 5 minutes to myself.

Courage to say I need a break.

It’s tough to say aloud somethings wrong and in the moment it’s stressful, scary, and honesty embarrassing. However you’ll feel a sense of freedom and relief once you’ve said it. And that takes courage.

Courage to say how you’re feeling isn’t being weak, but strong. You’re almost never alone with the way you think or feel and sometimes once you say it aloud you’ll see that you may have a friend going through it too. Asking for help or getting advice while trying to navigate a difficult time in your life isn’t being weak at all but shows your strength and courage.

Marah Renee

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