Weekend Getaway: Universal Studios

Travel Outfit:

Sunnies- Dior, Tank: Nordstrom, Sweatpants: Boy London, Slides: Nike, Backpack: Louis Vuitton

*Note: I’ll do two blog posts soon about my new purchases from Nike & LV. Can’t wait to share more details!

My photographer & little brother, Nile.

Visiting Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Los Angeles has definitely been the highlight of my Summer so far! I felt like a kid in a candy store, I literally ran around everywhere, from store to store, and ride to ride. For all of the 90s kids out there I think almost all of us were obsessed with Harry Potter growing up, so to be able to have a day of going back to my childhood days and walk around Hogsmede was awesome. I even bought a wand; yes judge me, total dork but it was an easy decision…and of course I got Harry’s wand, although I’m still debating on purchasing the Elder wand online.
Since I live in Northern California, it’s pretty easy for me to go down to LA, Santa Monica, and all parts of Southern California, so I was able to go to Universal Studios here for pretty cheap, but I know the larger Harry Potter world is in Florida which is where I really want to go! But I gotta save up for that trip so until then LA HP world will do. I also went to some amazing and not so amazing restaurants, which I’ll share with you guys in later posts!

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