Bellami Clip-In Hair Extensions: Ombre #2 Platinum Review

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Finally I can share my true thoughts on my Bellami Clip-In Hair Extensions in #2/Platinum Ombre 160g in 20 inches. My favorite color thus far! Although I feel that way every time I try a new color. Ombre is one of those hair styles that truly never go away. I love how dark it is at the root (or top) of the extensions, because they match perfectly with my natural hair, yet perfectly ombres into a lighter blond color. Obviously I have darker skin, so I was very nervous on just how “platinum” this color would be, but I’m glad I took the risk. The color works well with my skintone and brightens up my face, especially when I have that contour, highlight look going on.

As far as the weight is concerned, I would’ve rather had a higher gram set of extensions, but I have neck and back problems, so I never want to have too much weight on my head. I know it would blend just a little bit better, because my hair super thick, but overall I’m pleased with the blending. The length is also perfect too, although I’m thinking next time around I may go slightly longer just to see if I like it, and if not I can always cut them. It’s always better to go longer than shorter for anyone who’s new to the hair extensions thing.

Hopefully this review is helpful and gives you a better indication about whether clip-ins are best for you. Comment below for questions 🙂