Passeio do Vinho Wine Walk in Hayward 2016

This is my second time going to the Hayward Wine Walk and every year it gets better and better. This year there were tons of food truck vendors participating outside of City Hall such as Famous Daves and a chicken and waffles place. Both were good but you can’t beat chicken and waffles with syrup! Yummm! I also had some great wine. I will say for all over you white wine fans, this wine walk isn’t for you because they never have very many white wine options. I’d probably say 20% or less of the available wines were white which is annoying because that’s usually all I drink. However this made it easier for me to venture out and try new wines because I had no other choice.

One of my favorite red wines of the day was Monte Velho, which had just the perfect amount of sweetness, yet still bitter like a regular red wine. I also has some good Pinot Blanc from Rosenblum Cellars where I also got a coupon for a free tasting, which I’m excited to redeem.
While on the walk, my best friend since forever met me there, which made the day that much better. I haven’t seen her in at least 6 months since she went to China, so it was great to see her, catch up, and of course, drink some wine. Can’t wait until next year!

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