Spin Class

300 calories later and I’ve completed my first spin class! My grandma has been going for years and I finally went to her 9:30am Saturday class! I’m exhausted and my legs and arms are burning but I feel really good! I wore foundation, and a very light coat I might add, but half of it came off my face because of all the sweat dripping off my face. I was annoyed because I wore makeup to cover some blemishes I have, but it didn’t stay covered for long so noted for the future: no makeup for spin classes. 

I think I could’ve pushed myself a little bit harder, but overall I’m happy with my performance. Between the heavy resistance on the bike, standing half the time, and trying to look cute for the guy who kept coming over for water so close to me, I did pretty good, especially for an advanced class for the first time. It’s all about pushing yourself to the next level, and doing the best you can. If you have the extra strength, push a little harder, but if you don’t slow down the pace, but try not to stop. This is the motto I’ve been using for a while and it’s working out pretty well this far.

Still haven’t gotten on a scale to weigh myself, but I feel good and I’m having a good time exercising so that’s all that matters!

Marah Renee

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