Attempting to Be Healthy | My Journey

Let me start off by saying please, please, please recognize I have not been working out long, I repeat I haven’t been working out that long. So this isn’t advice on fitness, losing weight, or anything. I literally just want to share what strategy I’ve been using to lose weight and get fit.

Honestly lets be real, I eat hot wings, burgers, chips, and pop tarts regularly; more than I’d like to admit. But I’ve significantly decreased the amount that I eat and I started walking to the train station, which is a mile away from my home. That’s how my fitness journey, this time around, started. Everyday for months rain or shine, I walk to the train station and back (totaling 2 miles a day) 5 days a week. And trust me it was annoying for the first month or so, but honestly now I love it! I actually have turned down rides from people so I could walk. It starts my day off right, and it ends it well too. I’m someone who stresses about anything and everything, but the 2 mile a day walk helps decrease that stress.

Back to fitness…so I’ve been walking a bunch and I literally woke up one day and was like I want to get a gym membership. I looked online at a few different gyms and prices, whether they were large ones like 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness, as well as small local ones. I decided on 24 Hour Fitness based on price and location. It’s probably 2 miles from me and it’s $30 a month, since I joined my grandma’s plan. I can go to any 24 Hour Fitness as long as it’s regular gym, not a “sports gym”, meaning the locations with pools and spas. Which I’m ok with because there’s none in my area anyway and I’m not driving all the way to San Mateo just to get in a pool lol.

I’ve been exercising for 2 weeks now. My goal is to go at least 3 times a week, which I’ve been able to do so far. I took quite a few days off in between, due to womanly pains, but as soon as they stopped, back to the gym I went. So far honestly, my motivation has been the fact that it’s my $30 going to this gym (and no one else is paying), many of my co-workers workout quite often so it’s cool to be apart of the group that works out and isn’t a lazy limabean, the fact that it’s so close I have no excuse, and I have tons and tons of workout clothes that I want to wear.

I know the question will be asked: Do you wear makeup to the gym? Yes and no. Yes because if I want to go straight after work, I literally walk home, take a quick OOTD, edit, and then go to the gym. If I sit around too long then I may not go, especially if I’m already tired. Then again no I don’t wear makeup because if I sit, eat dinner, chill to watch the Warriors game on tv, I’m most likely taking off my makeup during this time, and if I still want to go to the gym I go. Honestly you get sweaty anyway so there’s no point in wearing makeup, but I do too so I don’t judge either way.

I figured I’d share what I’m doing so maybe I can spark some inspiration to someone else. And if not that’s ok too because I want to share since it’s slowly becoming an important part of my life.

Let me know questions and comments down below. 😉