Shopping Ban for the Month of June

Yes please cue the tiny violen playing in the background as I announce I won’t be shopping in June. Lol

But seriously, this is a sad moment. You’d think I’d be easy not to shop but literally my whole world revolves around fashion. Work, hobbies, tv, everything involves fashion. But in June, I’ll be watching fashion from the side lines as I decide to not shop this month. It’s sad but true statement but in order for me to be accountable for my actions, I pretty much have to boast on social media what I play to do so I stick with it. This pretty much shames me into sticking with the goals I set for myself. So I’m announcing I’m not shopping in June because honestly, I still have clothes with tags on them that are collecting dust, and my shopping is a little out of control at the moment. Small little buys from Forever21, H&M, and other cheaper trendy places adds up, and subtracts the amount of money in account for actual fun, social things like going out with friends, traveling, and buying gifts for close friends and family members’ birthdays. So unless it’s for someone else, I’m not shopping this June.

Goals to Accomplish in June:

  1. Save 50% of my check and put it in savings towards my “moving out” fund.
  2. Save money for my family vacation at the end of the month.
  3. Try to cook one of my own meals.
  4. No eating out unless it’s for social purposes.
  5. Filter/donate clothes I don’t wear.
  6. Use my activewear to actually workout.
  7. Try out the beauty/makeup products I bought but haven’t used.
  8. Focus on what I do have instead of what I don’t.

To stay focused I’ve also changed my phone’s screensaver to my dream apartment, so in case I want to buy a new shirt or go to Chipotle, I’ll have a little reminder to stay on track. Is anyone else banning shopping this month?

*Side note I do have a haul coming up soon on Youtube that’s prerecorded so don’t think I cheated. I literally made this decision to ban shopping on May 31, but I filmed the haul video a week prior and am waiting to post it. Horrible timing I know.

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