How To Style: Nikes Part 2

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Sneakers are too fun and too easy to style. It’s especially a great way to take a break from the usual black boots I tend to rock. Since it was hot, and I mean so hot that it was difficult to wear this denim jacket for these pictures because I was low key melting under that jacket, but the jacket brings the outfit together. Yes I wore denim on denim, which is my favorite combo every season, and Summer is no different.

The key to styling Nikes and any fashion sneaker is to keep things simple, don’t over complicate it, and just have fun with it. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not extra work, so have fun with it. Maybe pair them with a dress, or your favorite high-waisted shorts, or any other combo you can think of. Play around with Nikes and just have fun with it.

Check out my YouTube video on how to style Nikes here!

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