Take It Outside

Losing a friendship is like a break up ugh so annoying but ya gotta move on otherwise you’re drown. Luckily I don’t miss the friendship it’s just more like a “This is so awkward, get me outta here!” moment every time I see here. So after this awkward phase, this was the first after work thing I’ve been to in a while post-friendship and it went ok. So these pictures were fun to take particularly because my other friend helped me stay distracted, but also it was a celebration of not caring whether this person was there or not and enjoying myself no matter who was there; and I did! Thought the sign solidified the whole situation: Take It Outside. Not in the take it outside and fight, but to move on from old news to present and future news, so take the drama outside, and leave it there.

Maybe I’m reaching, but that’s what I thought the sign meant (to me at least), as soon as I saw it.

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Marah Renee