Interview with Samantha from Something’s Bright

As promised I have an exciting collab post with Samantha from the blog Something’s Bright! She recently commented on a blog post from mine and after a bit of brainstorming ideas, we’re first starting with interviewing one another! We have two more posts coming next week, but we wanted to kick off with getting to know one another, and allowing our readers to get to know us as well! Continue reading more to learn about Samantha and if you want to see my responses to these questions check out her blog: Something’s Bright. She has a great sense of style incorporating all black outfits with little pops of color and prints.


What inspired you to start a blog?

I got inspired to start a blog because I read so many myself. I looked at blogs and I felt in awe of people’s abilities to put together really good outfits and take really good pictures. I drew inspiration from those people. I saw how someone’s fashion sense could change over the years and I wanted some way to document my “fashion journey”. I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to learn my aesthetic since I want to become a fashion designer. Starting my blog, ‘Somethings Bright’ was a real stretch for me at the time too. I, like many others, didn’t like the way I looked, especially in pictures. But forcing myself to try and take outfit photos and having the put myself out there has really improved by outlook on myself.

 How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion when I was really, really young. Both my mom and my aunt, Freda started my passion. My mom is a very creative person. So when we didn’t have much money when I was a kid she would teach me how to hunt for the best deal. Every night before bed, we would lay out my clothes from school the next day. It’s my mom who inspires me to stay off trend, and hunt for special items in not so popular stores. My aunt Freda on the other hand is a hoarder of trendy clothes. It was her that taught me about what’s popular in each season. She’s the one who would babysit me and I would come home with an entirely new, and expensive outfit. With the mix of both the trendy and resourceful side that was ingrained into me, I really started my own sense of fashion mixing the both and sewing my own.

 How would you describe your style?

My style is dark, classic and vintage. I wear mostly darker colours in vintage silhouettes. However, sometimes I’ll stretch out of my comfort zone. That’s when the brighter colours come to play.  You will almost never, ever see my in prints and if you do, they are very simple.

 What celebrity do you get your style inspiration from?

I get inspiration from a lot of celebrities. But I’m mostly inspired by women like Rihanna who wear both classic styles and sometimes crazy ones. She matches bright colours with darker ones and always seems to have at least one classic silhouette within her outfit. I like how no matter what she wears, whether it’s sweats or a Zac Posen gown, she looks so put together. That’s basically my life goal.


 What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

My greatest achievement outside blogging would probably be my ability to sew. Fashion is very much a part of me. So being able to create the things that I imagine, instead of always having to buy it in the store is always my greatest achievement. It also has really given me an appreciation for clothing. I look at a piece and don’t just see a trend, but I see the designer’s thought process and all the work in every zipper and seam.

 What would you say that is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

Taking photos will always be my biggest challenge. I don’t live near anywhere that could make really cool backgrounds. So it took me a while to learn how to use the space around me. Some tips: don’t depend on others to take your pictures, use a tripod and timer, any wall is your best friend and try not to have too many things in the background, like cars or stores. Another thing that is always going to be challenging with taking photos is poses. I HATE posing for photos. While you’re taking them you think you look so cool, and when you begin to look through them…..Yikes. That’s why when I take photos, I take as many as I can and cherry pick the few golden ones. One of the best things I learned while doing a blog is that some pictures are not going to work out, so take a million selfies with no shame.

 What do you spurge on?

I tend to spend the most money on shoes, jackets and purses. The way I look at it is that your shirts, pants and the like are always going in and out of trend, but a good quality pair of shoes will last forever. My favourite thing to buy is black heels and black purses. They’re like my uniform.


 Where do you like to shop the most?

My absolute favourite place to shop is thrift stores. I have gotten the best fitting, best looking and best priced clothes there. It totally helps that I have three thrift stores around my house too. I love the rush of getting designer and sometimes new items for very, very cheap. That way I’m always able to try new things, without having the feel guilty. My dream designer boutique to shop at would probably be Dior or YSL just because of the classy look to all of their staple pieces.

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