Ivy Park X Topshop

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My two pieces from the Ivy Park X Topshop collection by Beyonce finally came in! I purchased the jersey tee and mesh leggings from Nordstrom (who also sell Topshop). So much of the stuff I really wanted sold out within the first couple of hours it was online such as the beanie, tank, sweatshirt, and the flip flops, and unfortunately I didn’t look at the collection until several hours later, so I missed out. However, I am very happy with the outfit that I was able to get!

I love the jersey tee in black because it’s mesh but not see through, so I was able to wear a plain black shorts bra underneath. Then, I paired the mesh capri workout pants with the top to add a bit of sexiness to the outfit, but not too much. Although the entire outfit is all black, including my Nikes, I love the different materials and embroideries because it makes the outfit interesting and not so bland.

Marah Renee

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