Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss – “Like”

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Kylie came out with lip glosses! It’s been out for 2 weeks or so but I finally got my package and was able to try it! Since I bought it while I had little to no service driving to LA, I was only able to snag one of the three glosses (at the time). I was able to purchase “Like” which is a very nude gloss. It’s a bit too light for my skin tone but I’m perfectly fine with layering it on top of other lipsticks or liners. These glosses are definitely glossy, to say the least. It’s not something I’d typically gravitate to but it’s great for a gloss. It’s pigmented and thick, so you don’t need nearly as much as what you think. I’ll definitely stick to Kylie’s matte lipsticks instead but I think it’s great that she’s broadening her line a bit.

I wish she’d come out with some blushes and bronzers… now that would be amazing!!

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