Travel Eye Makeup Routine: Tarte Box Eyeshadow 

Last weekend, if you follow me on Instagram: The Media Rebel, you would know that I went to Santa Monica with my family. I tried, key word, tried, not to over pack, so I brought my box eye shadow from Tarte for neutral eye looks. You never want to travel with a whole bunch of stuff, let alone makeup, because you want to keep a little room for things you buy throughout out your trip, so this eye shadow box is perfect for traveling. I don’t normally use this palette very much, but as I was packing I found it in the back of my drawer and figured why not bring it! Based on how much I loved it for this trip, it’s definitely going to be a favorite for this month because the colors are all pretty neutral and easily buildable if you want more pigmentation. The black color isn’t super harsh unless you make it, so it’s great for the outer corners of your eye. The next darker color is my favorite because it works great as a contour with the lighter shades and it’s a great shade for all over your lid. Now that I’ve rediscovered this Tarte product, I’ll definitely need to pick up more of their products and learn more about the brand.

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Marah Renee