New Purchase: Zara Brown Suede Jacket

Never knew how much I needed a brown suede jacket until I walked into Zara, to kill time before I hung out with a friend, and the first thing I saw was this jacket. Probably tried it on like five times throughout the store to see if I truely would wear it, because I have nothing in my wardrobe, and $100 for a jacket when you’re saving up for a vacation is an invest. But of course I bought it, and wore it the following week and I’m so in love! It’s not only amazing with an all black outfit, but I could totally wear this with shorts on a Summer night, or even a business meeting. So yea to say I’m excited is an understatement…I’m sure I’ll be featuring an outfit with this soon enough so you guys can see how I style it so stay tuned!

Marah Renee